Thistle Hill Academy


Whilst stocks last, Thistle Hill will be selling discounted uniform at the Academy Office. All sales will go toward resources for the Library. Please enquire at the Office for more information.

Thistle Hill uses the online uniform supplier Mapac to supply uniform to parents.
To purchase uniform, parents can visit the online store by clicking the link below:


Buy uniform Online

Size Guide

Parents can choose to have uniform orders delivered to the school, free of charge.

If you do not have access to a computer/internet, you can contact Mapac's friendly team on 01923 255525.

If you have any queries before, during, or after placing your order call 01923 255525 or

Any uniform purchased after June 2017 must follow the uniform policy below: 

Normal School Uniform


Purple blazer with school logo

Plain white shirt, long or short sleeved

Purple striped tie

Grey V-neck sweatshirt, plain or with school logo (optional)

Dark Grey trousers

Dark coloured socks

Sensible black school shoes

In the summer months, boys can wear:

Grey shorts instead of trousers


Purple blazer with school logo

Plain white shirt/blouse, long or short sleeved

Purple striped tie

Grey V-neck sweatshirt, plain or with school logo (optional)

Purple Tartan or Grey pleated knee length skirt

Plain grey tights or dark coloured socks

Dark grey trousers

Sensible black school shoes

In the summer months girls can wear:

Purple/white checked dresses

PE Kit

Black polo shirt, plain or with school logo
Black plain PE shorts
Black tracksuit bottoms
Black plimsolls (for indoor PE)
Trainers (for outdoor PE)

Book bags, Gym bags and accessories are available to purchase but are entirely optional. We do ask however, that children carry equipment in a small, sensible bag rather than plastic carrier bags. During the summer months we ask all parents to ensure their child brings a hat to school and also has applied sunscreen before coming to school.

Hats/Hair Coverings:

Children may not wear hats, caps, handkerchiefs, bandanas, dorags, scarves, or other head coverings indoors at school. Exceptions can be made for religious and/or medical reasons.


Hair should be neat, brushed and tied back if long –for both girls and boys. It should not have tramlines, dyed elements, Mohicans or similar.


Earrings if worn must only be small studs and either be removed by the child or left at home on PE days. Facial piercings are not permitted.


Necklaces and chains are not permitted.

Watches can be worn, but must be removed by the child for sporting activities.


No other sweatshirts, jackets, or sweaters are allowed to be worn inside the building. PE Hoodies are to be worn during P.E. only and are not to be worn to and from school.


Trainers are not permitted for daily wear, they are for outdoor PE only. Wellington style boots are only permitted on snowy or very wet days. Luminous socks or highly patterned tights are not considered school uniform. Heeled shoes are not acceptable.

Hands/Nails/Make up:

Children may not wear bracelets armbands, or multiple rings. Nails should be free of any artificial enhancements (varnish, acrylic, silk wraps, press-ons, rhinestones, etc.) Make up is not permitted.

Non-Uniform Days:

A non-uniform day allows a child to express his/her individuality through their attire. The expectation is for the child to wear garments that fit appropriately and are non-offensive. Any article of clothing that is deemed inappropriate for a non-uniform day, will result in the child being required to change into school uniform.

Sometimes for school trips other clothing is requested, please consider appropriateness for the weather conditions expected.

Health and Safety:

For safety reasons jewellery must not be worn in school. Only watches and stud earrings may be worn if necessary but they must be removed for P.E. lessons by your child.